Rehabilitation services

We offer a wide range of rehabilitation options including physiotherapy, occupational therapy, dietetics, social work and speech language pathology. These services are provided in homes, schools, retirement homes, long term care facilities, family health team settings, and workplaces.
Our Physiotherapists can assist clients with their rehabilitation needs, provide education on the use of walking aids and inform clients on topics such as falls prevention among other services.
Our Occupational Therapists can provide an assessment of your home and can provide tools that will help assist you while living in your home.
Our Speech-Language Pathologists provide education and counselling for people experiencing communication and/or swallowing difficulties.

Our Dietitians can provide nutrition assessment and counselling for a variety of medical conditions including diabetes management and weight management and can also offer nutrition education and support for patients receiving cancer therapy. Our dietitians can monitor feeding and growth of infants and children and offer support for patients receiving tube feeding or total parenteral nutrition.