Elderly home care

elderly care in Bangladesh

Elderly care in bangladesh

Elderly care or elder care is designed to fulfill the special need unique to senior citizens who require assistance with their regular chores. It’s about a wide range of services such as getting assistant, adult daycare, nursing care, home care, hospice care, and long-term care. Globally the term ‘Elderly care’ seems to have broad encompasses which are already mentioned. We provide specialized elderly care in Bangladesh to the citizens in various stages. Aging is not a single reason that considers as required of eldercare. A person having various diseases and physical conditions may take elderly care at home.  Israt Care Givers works like an old age home in Dhaka. The good thing is – you can get the necessary service at home.

Why is elderly care important in Bangladesh?

Most of the people in Bangladesh form elderly care as the norm of older people who are unable to do their own work or no longer live independently. Besides, it’s also the most frightening prospect for our elders is to leave home as their children can’t take care of them. But they prefer to stay at home as long as possible. It is also very unethical to make them stay somewhere without their consent. We are enabling elderly care at home as many of our young citizens can’t take care of senior citizens because of rigid routines. On the other hand elderly care in Bangladesh is very important. Now let’s know the reasons –

Having a support system: You may not care about your old or sick parents because of a heavy work schedule. Going for professional elderly care may work as an old age home in Dhaka. As your parents or anyone who needs support don’t have to leave home as they can get professional elderly care at home.

Healthy diet: Even if you can take of the elder member of your family when you’re going outside for important work they may eat food that is unhealthy and inappropriate. Getting support for the elders won’t let it happen. Besides you can spend more time outside without any hassle. The support also makes them exercise.

Sudden fall prevention: Sudden fall for any citizens should be considered as the most fatal or non-fatal injury. For most of our elders, it’s not an appropriate thing to fall at any ease. Falling may lead to several physical health problems for an aging body. But if you take elderly care at home through us then it can be prevented.

Encourage physical activity: Your old parents will stay healthy and fit if they do regular physical exercise. By taking the doctor’s approval, let the caregiver help your parents with doing exercise. They’ll supervise the physiotherapy. Physical activities can boost mood, improve the functionality of organs, risk of falling, it’ll also ensure improved flexibility, balance, and coordination of your aged parents.

Regular doctor visit: You may not take your parents to a doctor’s checkups regularly because of the hard work schedule. But if you appoint a caregiver as an assistant then you can move without any tension as the caregiver will take your aged parents for regular checkups.

What are the elderly care services should take at home?

Our senior citizens need assistance in daily activities like bathing, dressing, toileting, walking, feeding, and more. We provide elderly care in Bangladesh. We have skilled caregivers who engage in every activity an elder may do. We enable elderly care at home. Our caregivers ensure continuous monitoring for the elder member of your family who needs close care. The types of elderly care services you can take at home are-Old age care: The oldest member of your family may not able to do his/her own chores. We’ve staffs who can provide service during day/night, stay at home service, and 24 hours service. Our nurses can help them maintain hygiene, medication, physical assistance while moving.

Dementia care:  Because of memory loss an elder may not remember anything about his/her daily activities.  Our professional nurses can help them do every activity.

Personal care: The retired citizen may not be able to do any of their personal care associated with taking medicines, having a proper diet, sitting in the toilet, bathing, dressing, and what not. We are here to service an old age home in Dhaka.

Parkinson’s care: People shaking hands or arms are unable to move from one place to another. They may face accidents at any time but having a trained caregiver won’t let it happen.

Along with these types of care. Our elder citizens can get solutions for many other problems from us. Our Elderly care services can also help the old citizens with a variety of problems. Such as-

Physical problem:

Chronic health problems don’t let our old citizens do many of the activities they could do earlier. A caregiver can help with physical problems-

  • Gait or walking problem.
  • Sensory issues such as- hearing, seeing or smelling.
  • Serious health conditions- diabetes, heart disease and more.
  • Permanent or temporary physical limitations.
  • Cognitive problem: this type of problem prevent the aged people from living safely. The problem includes-
  • Short-term or long-term memory loss.
  • Attention problem.
  • Confusion.
  • Doing the right thing on time. Such as- forgetting to take medicines.
  • Verbal problem.

Emotional problem:

Loss of children or spouse may lead to emotional breakdown for an elder. Moving them to the old age home in Dhaka may not help. Giving close elderly care at home through our caregivers may solve it. We can help with emotional problems such as-

  • Depression.
  • Social withdrawal.
  • Loneliness.
  • Personality breakdown.
  • Loss of interest on everything.

Why Choose Us

Some of our elders need continuous care taking. But they shouldn’t be moved to an old-aged home. We provide professional elderly care in Bangladesh.  Which prevents going old age home in Dhaka. We offer services that are flexible and independent. Our trained caregivers are available 24 hours a day to give professional elderly care at home. So let’s understand our elder citizens’ needs and ensure proper care and respect.