Medical Equipment

Medical Equipment Supplier in Bangladesh

Israt Care is a Medical Equipment Supplier in Bangladesh. We are one of the best Medical Equipment Supplier companies than any other Medical Equipment Supplier companies in Bangladesh. Many hospitals or Many families in Dhaka city regularly buy Medical Equipment. But because of the busyness and difficulty of transportation, it is often difficult for them to buy Medical Equipment.

So We provide Medical Equipment Hospital or Home Delivery in Dhaka Bangladesh. Our website is for such Hospitals or families. Those who regularly purchase Medical Equipment. Our online home services always try their best to provide Quality Hospital or home delivery service.

The products which we provide

Product 1

Stirrers, Pumps, Autoclaves, Low temperature, Baths, Immersion thermostats, and dry blocks,
Centrifuges, Ovens, incubators, and furnaces, Instrumental, gadgets for biology and histology,
Heating mantles and hotplates, Analytical strategies, nutritional and water evaluation, Balances, microscopes
and melting point, reveal and manipulate apparatus, protection, Filtration, Viscometers, Analytical consumables, Reactors,

Product 2

Disposable & General Medical Suppliers, Diagnostics. Products, Rehabilitation Equipment and Device, Medical
Equipment & Hospital Furniture, Laboratory Products.

Product 3

Angelsounds Fetal Doppler, Pulse Oximeter, Blood Pressure Monitor, Thermometer, Fetal Doppler,
Fetal Monitor, Maternal Monitor, Patient Monitor, Fetal Monitoring System.

Product 4

SonixTouch, SonixMDP, SonixOP, SonixSP, SonixTablet, Transducers, SonixGPS, SonixCam, SonixDVR, Elastography, SonixHub, SonixShine.

Product 5

Surgical electricity tools, sanatorium furnishings, Electrosurgical Unit, Defibrillator, medical Analyzer the system, affected person, reveal, Electrocardiograph/ECG, Ultrasound Scanner, Fetal Doppler, Suction Unit/Suction the system, Infusion Pump & Syringe Pump, Anesthesia machine, Ventilators, Shadowless operating Lamp, electric-powered operating desk, Oxygen Concentrator, toddler Incubator, X-ray machine, Autoclaves & pre-vacuum Steril, Orthopaedic Bandage.

Product 6

Infusion Pump, Syringe Pump, PCA Pump, Disposable PCA Pump, Blood Pressure Monitor, Bone Densitometer, Mini Pump, Veterinary Pump.

Product 7

Infusion Pump, Syringe Pump, PCA Pump, Disposable PCA Pump, Blood Pressure Monitor, Bone Densitometer, Mini Pump, Veterinary Pump.

Product 8

Hospital Furniture, Surgical, Emergency

Why Choose us for Medical Equipment

We provide one of the best Medical Equipment in Dhaka than any other. We are committed to the highest standards of Homecare and professional ethics for our company. As well as our clients, in order for our agency and staff to merit the respect of the community and our clients. The employers in our organization are skilled, experienced, and gentle. Servicemen in our company are ready to provide 24-hour service at your Hospital or home. We will provide you with affordable services to offer Medical Equipment to a home healthcare client. Israt Care Givers provides an array of home healthcare services to support all populations in the community, including seniors and vulnerable individuals. With compassion, we deliver the highest standard of quality care to over 25,00 patients across Dhaka.