Physiotherapy Home Services

Israt care offers to finding online physiotherapiest for physiotherapy patients who can’t leave their house due to travel issues, the Covid-19 pandemic, or staying at a remote location.
Israt care has connected with the topmost online physiotherapy specialist all over Bangladesh.In our online service , you can find & booking best  physiotherapy specialist for home service at an affordable price. Our online physiotherapy experts will provide you with regular physiotherapy for pain relief and restore function from the comfort of your home.
Physiotherapy at home benefits are many and, it is suitable for all age groups. It consists of both movement and science which is aimed at injury prevention, rehabilitation, holistic fitness, and healing. Following are the advantages of physical therapy – 
Pain management: With physical therapy we don’t need to depend on medications and painkillers. The physical therapist’s aid in joint and soft tissue mobilization with various exercises, manual therapy and devices such as exercise bikes and balls, bands and loops, traction types of equipment, phototherapy machine, ultrasound, electrical muscle stimulation, etc as per the situation. These treatments help to restore the lost muscle movements and overcome pain.
No need for surgery: With physiotherapy you can remove the possibility of surgery. However, in some cases, surgery is unavoidable but physical therapy can avoid it in selected conditions. Specific exercises and pain removal therapies can heal the damaged tissues leading to overall health improvement; thus escaping operation.
Improve mobility and balance: It is observed that after a grave injury or a big surgery it is difficult for patients to walk properly. Physical therapists with the help of therapeutic exercises and suitable assistive devices can guide patients to walk normally and regain their lost muscle strength.
Helps to recover from a stroke:  Physiotherapy in post-stroke rehabilitation is an important recovery process. Stroke physical therapists teach you specific exercises that can revive the damaged muscles and nerves to maintain blood circulation, improve balance and prevent rigidity. 
Prevent injuries: Physiotherapy is best known for post-injury care and surgical rehabilitation, but it can also guide us to prevent injuries in the future. Preventive physical therapy educates us with many techniques to keep our bodies in balance and good shape. Some of the ways a physiotherapist can help to avoid injuries are Improving stability Correcting balance Teaching proper techniques
Preparing for warm-up and cool-down exercises Educating how to move properly Working on muscle strength and alignment
Managing diabetes: Obese or being overweight is a big risk factor for diabetes; therefore with physical therapy, it is easy to maintain a healthy weight. Also, therapy maintains proper blood glucose levels and optimal weight; thus resulting in an overall healthy lifestyle.