Oxygen cylinder is a very familiar name especially to patients suffering from shortness of breath. Because the only way to get rid of breathing is to take artificial oxygen by Medical oxygen cylinder.

When to take artificial oxygen ?

Oxygen  is an essential element for human survival. People usually get oxygen from nature. Many times this disease damages the human lungs. Then get less oxygen from the air. As a result, people take in oxygen from artificial oxygen cylinders. There are many ways to get artificial oxygen. However, the most popular is the oxygen cylinder. There are many types of oxygen cylinders available in Bangladesh at present. The two most popular cylinders are Bangladeshi cylinders and China cylinders.

Why is oxygen cylinder used?

Checks the amount of oxygen in the blood
When less is available. People then take artificial oxygen to make up for the lack of oxygen. People who cannot get enough oxygen from the air have to use oxygen. For those who need a lot of artificial oxygen, oxygen production machines have now been created. Oxygen production machines of various companies are now available in Bangladesh. Their prices are determined by the company. With the help of oxygen cylinders or oxygen generating machines, patients now receive oxygen at home. As a result, there is no hassle of staying in the hospital and the cost is less.

Where can I get an oxygen cylinder?

In addition to government oxygen cylinders in Bangladesh, some non-governmental organizations trade oxygen cylinder online. So now you can get good quality oxygen cylinders at home with just one call.You can also get oxygen cylinder form Israt care,it is non-governmental organizations trade oxygen cylinder  is provinding oxygen cylinder all over the dhaka city at a reasonable price.