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Home Care Nursing Service Agency in Bangladesh

Our goal as a home care nursing service agency

Israt Care Givers is obliged to maintain high standard quality Home care nursing service agency, service within just a one phone call over the Bangladesh. Our mission is to give high quality health care within the reach of Bangladesh on 24/7 basis. Our highly trained and certified nurses are capable of taking care of pre and post-operative patients, elderly people and taking samples for diagnosis purpose.

Our allotted nurse helps patients to take medications in time and taking proper nutrition rich food to maintain healthy diet. Our on demand nursing home service can take care of Alzheimer and Dementia patients. They are also well versed at monitoring patient’s blood and glucose.

Collecting patient’s medical histories and interpreting it is also done by them. Our trained nurse are well efficient on conducting research on patient to improve outcomes and healthcare process. They also involve in infusion therapy, post-op recovery. Our nurse can travel through airplane, train, and other similar mode to respond on demand call.

Home care nursing agency Home care nursing agency

Israt Care Givers also personal support care. Our customer can hire nurse who can provide personal care in homes, retirement homes. Our personal care supports help patients having to maintain personal hygiene such as toileting, dressing, bathing etc. Rehabilitation services are also provided by us in any facility. Our trained occupational therapist help people to maintain daily life who are back from fetal accidents and want rehabilitation.

Medical Equipment of Home care nursing service agency

Israt Care givers also supplies emergency medical equipment for rent or sell on demand within 2 hours. We have a dedicated team for delivering oxygen Cylinder home service. We are one of the best medical equipment supplier in Dhaka. We also sell digital dental clinic full package which contains 2 hand piece, 3 one sucker, 2 piece 3 way syringes, glass type patient tray, hydraulic patient tray.

We sell two function home care Chinese bed. It has efficient brake system which ensures the bed fixed at any time. Israt Care Givers sell ECG Channel with 12 leads which is also China made. We are also importer of color Doppler Ultrasound machine which has a very long life and also China and German made. It is easy to operate and has a high accurate value in home care nursing service agency.

 Baby Home care nursing

Israt Care Givers provide baby home care services. Our well trained nurses enables new mothers to pick up new skills regarding baby care. Baby care can be a daunting task for new mothers as new infants requires a lot of attention and time.

They are needed to be properly bathed, clothed, have their nappy changed, properly messaged and properly breast fed. Our baby home care service includes all of these services. Our well trained nurse also helps new moms in establishing feeding and sleeping patterns for babies. Israt Care Givers also provide consulting services for mothers which involves monitoring growth and development of babies.

Our consultant team includes a clinical manager, qualified NICU nurse and her team of 2 trained new born specialist. Israt Care Givers not only supports the babies but also the mothers. When a mother s at the verge of giving a baby birth, she could be at a terrible emotional state.

Home care nursing agency 01 Home care nursing agency

Our trained psycho therapists helps moms to come out of such emotional state. Israt Care Givers has a well-equipped day care center at Gulshan. Working parents face a lot of difficulties in raising their little kids. Our day care center keeps child home care in a home like environment.

We provide care for children aged less than 6 years old. Our day care center team is well trained female employees who can behave in home care nursing agency a motherly environment.

Doctor’s Home care

We all fall sick in our natural process of life. Then, we get to see the doctor. But sometimes we fall so sick that we cannot move from our bed. We need doctors to see us instead. Keeping this limitation in mind Israt Care Givers provide on demand doctor home services at a reasonable cost.

The main purpose of Home Care Nursing  Agency service remains primary diagnosis of the disease through blood or urine tests. In home doctor services is a great option for old people with chronic disease. We offer general and regular check-ups. Diabetic patients need regular monitoring blood pressure and sugar levels but apart from that he/she must be under regular consultation of a doctor.

Our in home patient care provides them with that facility. This in home patient care services enables patients with orthopedic condition like fracture, arthritis, joint replacement etc. to see doctors without moving from home. Post hospitalization is an integral part in home patient care service of Israt Care Givers.

Doctor Home service: Doctor Home service

After critical operation or hospitalization, proper medical care should be continued otherwise all the previous medical process can go wrong. Our in home patient care team employed with doctors and nurses helps patients to overcome their post hospitalization critical period.

As we provide on demand in home doctor service on 24/7 basis, patient can call us for any emergency events. As patient gets treatment in home environment, they tend to be more flexible.


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