Automatic Digital Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor with Heart Rate Monitor

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automatic digital blood pressure monitor


  • Small size, easy to carry
  • Simple operation, one-key detection
  • Measure wrist joints, intelligently pressurize
  • HD English voice broadcast
  • A built-in lithium battery can be used multiple times after fully charged
  • WHO blood pressure health warning strip
  • Arrhythmia reminder function
  • 90 sets of data storage function for two persons
  • Query memory data sequentially
  • LCD high-definition display, accurate and intelligent reading
  • Automatic shutdown operation for 1 minute
  • Accuracy: blood pressure ± 3% heart rate ± 5%
  • Measuring range: blood pressure 0~280mmHg pulse 40~199 times/min


Product Name: RAK189 Blood Pressure Monitor

Place of Origin: China

Brand Name: Szkia

Model Number: RAK189


Product Description

RAK189 Automatic Digital Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor with Heart Rate Monitor

  1. Systolic, diastolic, pulse rate displayed simultaneously
    2.Intelligent automatic pressurization and decompression
    3.Incorrect prompting function
    4.Automatic shutdown function:1 min after the last operation
    5.Fashionable outward, Light and compact, easy to carry, suitable for health care(medical field, families, and adult)
    6.The device has the WHO warning strip “¢” symbol display function, with the blood pressure value change, the higher blood pressure value, “¢” symbol will appear relatively in the higher position (refer to WHO definition of high blood pressure levels-reference table).
    7. The device has the average of the last three display function (press the memory key for the first time to display the value that is the average of the last three measurements).
    8. The device has a double memory lookup function and can store 99 sets of measurements for each person to remember the normal status of your blood pressure.

Product Name wrist type electric digital blood pressure monitor

Dimensions 67mm×68mm×31mm

Display digital liquid crystal display

Measurement range Pressure:20~280mmHg(0.4kPa-37.3kPa;pulse:40 ~199 beats /min

Accuracy Pressure:±3mmHg(±0.4kPa);pulse : Within±5%

Voltage  3 V(2 * No. 7 (AAA) alkaline batteries)

Color Box Dimension 9.0cmx9.0cmx9.0cm

Outer Box Dimension 47.2cmx47.2cmx20cm

Certificates CE ROHS


Medical Equipment.

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