Contec Pocket Fetal Doppler Sonoline A with 2 MHz Probe

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contec pocket fetal doppler sonoline a with 2 mhz probe


Contec Pocket Fetal Doppler Sonoline A with 2 MHz Probe

Sonoline A is a portable, handheld fetal doppler and can be utilized in a hospital, a clinic or for daily self-check. This digital doppler includes ultrasonic signal transmitter and receiver parts, analog signal processing unit etc. It has an audio output and can also be connected to an earphone or audio input recorder.


Technical Specifications

Parameter Values
Dimension 135 mm(L) × 95 mm(W) × 35 mm(H)
Voltage DC 3 V
Power Consumption < 1W
FHR Measuring Range  50~240BPM (BPM: beat per minute)
Nominal Frequency 2.0 MHz
Working Frequency 2.0MHz ± 10%
Working Mode Continuous wave doppler
Weight(Including Batteries) About 180 g
Ultrasound Output Power P < 20 mW
  • The Sonoline A fetal doppler can give reassurance between hospital visits or check-ups, but of course should not be used for diagnostic purposes at home.
  • This high performance fetal doppler can be used from around 12 weeks to listen to your baby’s heart beat, sounds of movement and even hiccups. You and your family can listen to your baby and share the magic of your baby’s early life with extended family and friends by recording the heartbeat via the audio socket.




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